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About me


I was born in Moldova.

I live and work in Harrogate, UK.

My  work exists between the real and the imaginary, representation and abstraction. I explore beauty, chaos and predictability of urban landscape built up gradually over time. Some cityscapes and landscapes are derived from my travels and firsthand observations, while others are from images found online, showing how specific locations are drawn together by their similarities, which are surprisingly bigger than their differences. I combine traditional painting techniques with less conventional methods: laser etched drawings and grid-system structures applied over pre-painted surfaces. Through the rendering of colour, texture and composition, I focus on atmosphere, memories and connections.

My parents both worked in the building industry. My mother is a retired civil engineer and an architect. My father was in charge of one of the largest building company in Moldova. So perhaps I have inherited their fascination and understanding of spaces, buildings, structures and planning. 


My grandparents built their own house when they where young, and they kept extending it as their family was growing. One of my early childhood memories is a group of young women  standing in the big tub outside of my grandparents house and mixing the mortar for clay bricks using their feet, just like they do in winemaking. The house is still standing and my family is still living there. 


I am intrigued by a sense of time, change and history that is associated with different places. Although it is not obvious in the finished paintings, I believe this sense of history, planning and its change is a strong influence on my work. 


1980-1982 Art Foundation in Repin College of Art – Moldova. 
1983-1989 Degree in sculptural ceramics at Academy of Music, Theatre and Fine Arts of Moldova, Kishinev 

2000-2002 MA in Art and Design, Leeds Metropolitan University, UK


National and International exhibitions: 

2021 Sunnybank Mills Gallery, Leeds 


2021 Art in the Mill gallery,  Knaresborough

Green Shoots - group exhibition

2020 Art in the Mill gallery,  Knaresborough

Solus - group exhibition

NY Open Studios 2019, Harrogate 

2019 Positive Emotions, Kunsthuis Gallery, York 

2018 Kunsthuis Gallery, York 
Our eARTh exhibition 2018, Group exhibition 

2018 Sunnybankmills Gallery, 
Neighbourhood, Group Exhibition, Leeds 

2017 Anise Gallery. Nasty Women: Architecture 
13a Shad Thames 
Group Gallery 

2017 Kunsthuis Gallery 
Shades of Clay 
Group Exhibition 

2017 Merser Gallery, Harrogate 
Harrogate Open 2017 
Group Exhibition 

2016 Treasure and Relish, Ripon, North Yorkshire 
Solo Exhibition 

2015 Sunny Bank Mills, Leeds 
Group Exhibition/Competition - Highly Commended. 

2015 North Yorkshire Open Studios, Harrogate 
2014 “From the collections of Moldova’s Museum of Fine Arts”, Kishinev, Moldova 
2013 “Harrogate Open” Group Exhibition 
2007 Gascoigne Gallery, Harrogate 
2002 Group Exhibition “To be confirmed” Leeds Met University Gallery, UK 
1998 Harrogate Gift Fair, Students exhibition. 
1994 Solo Exhibition, Culture foundation, Bucharest, Romania. 
1993 Commission for the International Ionesco Theatre Festival, Kishinev 
1992 “From the collections of Moldova’s Museum of Fine Arts”, Bucharest 
1991 Moldovan Artists at 17th Cinema Festival, Cinema Center, Moscow 
1991 Collection of Sphinx Gallery, Strasbourg, France 
1991 Group Exhibition at Coral Gallery, Kishinev, Moldova 
1991 Group Exhibition in Galati, Romania 
1990 Artist in residence in Dorohoi Porcelain factory, Romania 
1990 Group Exhibition of Young Moldovan Artists, Sicily, Italy 
1990 Group Exhibition “ Experiments”, Kishinev 
1990 Group Exhibition in Iasi, Romania 
1990 Spring Art Exhibition, Kishinev, Moldova 
1989 Group Exhibition “In Eminescu’s memory”, Kishinev, Moldova 
1987 Autumn Art Festival, Kishinev, Moldova 

My works are featured at the National Art Museum of Moldova along with many private collections in Moldova, Russia, UK, USA, France, Holland, Romania, Germany, Israel, Sweden, Turkey, Italy, Greece.

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